Clubsandwich Studio :
    Multimedia + Art Direction + Paris + France + (keyword) +++
Section : . web agencies/ design studios .
Location : Paris, France

Nuit & Jour :
    " Nuit & Jour " (keyword) is a video + sound clubsandwich project by Benoit Poulain +++
Section : . motion/ 3d .
Location : Paris, France

!K7 radio :
    !K7 Flavour is a series of special one-hour DJ sets from K7 artists, custom-made for radio and syndicated to over a hundred stations around the world +++
Section : . audio streaming/ radio shows .
Location : Hamburg, Germany

+Rosebud :
    +Rosebud is a design magazine that operates with the desire to explore and exhaust the possibilities and potentials that paper and 2D-structure have to offer. The symbolic name, a derivation from the the last, mysterious word that the newspaper tycoon stammers out in Orson Welles' film classic "Citizen Kane", figuratively indicates that +rosebud is an attempt to explain the puzzle "medium"ókeeping Welles' experimental spirit in mind +++
Section : . books/ magazines .
Location : Ammemdorf, Germany

0100101110101101 : is a band of media artist who use non conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort. Past works include staging a hoax involving a completely made-up artist, ripping off the Holy See and spreading a computer virus as a work of art +++
Section : . web agencies/ design studios .
Location : Barcelona, Spain

032c Magazine :
    032c Magazine: Fashion, art and confliuct. Available internationally in selected art bookstores and fashion boutiques +++
Section : . books/ magazines .
Location : Berlin, Germany

04 :
    Yuji Oshimoto's personal portfolio includes nice pixel and very useful and popular bitmap fonts +++
Section : . pixels/ icons .
Location : Japan

101 Hotel :
    101 hotel is a boutique hotel and a member of Design hotels, situated in the heart of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The luxury design hotel is the creation of owner and designer Ingibjörg S. Pálmadóttir, a graduate from Parsons School of Design in New York. The hotel features 38 spacious rooms, including 5 suites / jr. suites. with in-room amenities providing all the modern comfort you need. All rooms are double bed - there are no twin beds. A luxurious basement gym and spa featuring a steam bath and jacuzzi allows you to completely unwind and relax. On the ground floor the 101 bar and restaurant offer an effortless combination of contemporary Icelandic and international cuisine. 101 hotel is appreciative of contemporary art with an ever-growing collection. Ms. Pálmadóttir has also opened the nearby 101 gallery. 101 hotel is located adjacent to the opera and opposite the national theatre and the culture house. It is surrounded by many galleries, museums, clubs and cafés +++
Section : . hotels/ travels .
Location : Iceland

10mg :
    10mg, creating interactive experience for the web +++
Section : . web agencies/ design studios .
Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

123 klan :
    Created in 1992 by Mrs Klor & Scien, 123klan is first a 7 people graffiti crew comin' from the northern side of France, the other active members are : Dean, Sper, Skam, Reso & Meric. All of them were invited all around the world to show their unique and personal style during different events, conferences, performances or exhbitions (Lille, Dunkerque, Paris, Brussels, London, Eindhoven, Roma, Munich, Zurich, Barcelona, Toronto, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney... In 1993 Scien & Klor became interested in graphic design when they discovered Neville Brody work on typography, graphic art became a logical extension of their graffiti skills. They produced their first digital graffiti pieces, and 123 klan were the first to mix graffiti and graphic art on the web, making it not just an exhibition tool but a new creative medium. In parallel, the influence of graphic art could be seen on their walls, everything revolved around lettering, they mix the both in one: "when the streetknowledge meets technology and graffiti melts with graphic design". This unique and original style mixing graffiti writing and vector style made them internationaly known. For Scien and Klor, graffiti and graphic design are really linked, like they say: "Style is the message" +++
Section : . graffiti/ propaganda .
Location : Paris, France

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